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Galactic Guide

Class A (3 door hatchback): £26.48 Class C (5 door hatchback):…

Amateur Astronomy

Helix Nebula

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at computer
Class A (3 door hatchback): £26.48
Class C (5 door hatchback): £31.00

Weather: 12am-2am Mostly clouded.

Moon: Current Phase: Waxing Gibbous
Rise: 6:13 PM
Set: 3:56 AM

Planet Information
  	        Rise    	Set
Mercury 	7:59 AM 	7:06 PM
Venus 	        2:16 AM 	5:54 PM
Mars     	11:13 PM 	4:12 PM
Jupiter 	6:12 PM 	3:19 AM
Saturn   	6:28 AM 	7:24 PM
Uranus  	7:14 PM 	6:53 AM
Neptune 	6:17 PM 	3:52 AM
Pluto   	2:56 PM 	11:38 PM

Given the weather - are we still happy to make an attempt of it?

If so, how many want to come? What car do you want to use? (the smaller car will mean awkward travelling with telescope in face)
  • is a different day with perhaps clearer skies a possibility?
    • So long as it doesn't look mega clouded or solidly raining at the time I'm solidly still up for it and I know Karen is.
      If hannah has her car back by tomorrow she may be up for driving us, but that's a maybe.

      I am not averse to a farce either.
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