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Helix Nebula


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While camping in Rhayader ( Latitude: 52.30 Longitude: -3.52) I finally hit solid gold. After years of searching for a good view I stared our destiny face to face. M31 - Andromeda (about 45degrees from horizon and about 80degrees (aka East this was about midnight)). Through my Konusviews 20x80s it looked a bit bigger (as in filled more of the view), but a little dimmer than this image:

A fuzzy, ill defined yellowish oval with a definite 'core'.

Just below it, was another blob of light - I thought was a star but appeared a little brighter/fatter than other stars. I didn't realize it at the time - but I had also captured M32. I was happy as Larry.

The Milky way as as obvious as a kick in the teeth too - strange that it should need saying but living in a city, it's a very unusual sight in it's own right. The moon set a bit early for the times I was observing (23:00 - 01:00 ish). Caught some perseids, including one which had a 'persistant trail' of a few seconds that was bright enough to catch B and my's attention despite being both focussed on setting up optical equipment.

Here is a 30second exposure of the night sky that B took, she's still experimenting with this kind of photography:

And this one

Meanwhile - other amateurs with much more money watched Jupiter get hit the other night (August 20):

The best part being that nobody knew it was going to happen - but the number of eyes watching it meant that two people independently recorded the event.
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