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After aborted mission to Alderly Edge/ Jodrell Bank, limited success was met in the car park of my building at about 3:00 AM.
114 mm Reflector telescope used with 12.5 magnification lens to get several clear shots of the Moon, focusing in on rugged mountainous region near the northern pole [possibly the Montes Alpes], and then Tycho Crater near the bottom of its southern hemisphere, a particular favourite of mine.
Cloud cover too patchy by the time we got out there to zero in on any particular stars or planets, if wed gotten out earlier I reckon wed have had a decent chance.
Old Luna however blazed right through most cloud cover even when there was some, and looked clear as crystal though the scope until branches began to interfere as it descended.

Estimated Ephemerides

Altitude: 15.5 - 17.5 degrees above the horizon by the time we got to it, fairly low but enough.

Magnitude 12.6 mv

Phase 174.72

Azimuth about 225

As weather conditions are similar tomorrow [Friday] night, a further attempt is likely then so long as water isn't raining down from the heavens at the time.


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